It's update time - Hip Hip Horray

We proudly present that another fresh and shiny update of Gym Hero just hit the app store. If you have not updated yet, go grab it now! Besides minor tweaks and fixes we did major work to the sharing features of Gym Hero. This is what's new:

Sharing options - How much did you move? 

When checking out the sharing settings you will now find the online locker switch. If turned on your workouts are ready to be share. 

This is the new workout history screen. Click on the cloud icon to open the sharing options. You can share your workout sessions on facebook and twitter. There is also an email option if you feel like telling a friend about how you killed the weights.

Yes we know, letting people know about your workouts was already possible in the last version. But here comes the big difference. You can now view your workout summary in a web browser. Available are two alternative workout views. The first one is the timeline perspective. Perfect for circuit training sessions. All your workouts are lined up in a chronological order on how you performed them. 

Switching over to classic view gives you a breakdown of every exercises during your session. Every set, weight and repetition is listed under the exercise name. 

No matter which view is selected. At the top of each workout you'll see the total weight moved. This is a great indicator for your workout performance! Make sure this number always goes up :) 

New workout history look

We also gave the workout history a new look. Workouts are now ordered in monthly sections which makes it much easier to find something plus it shows you right away if you had a good month!

What's next

Although we are really happy to deliver you these changes it's no time for resting! We are already working on the next features with maximum speed. So stay tuned for news...

Till then don't waste any time and download Gym Hero now. It's time to get BIG!


The Gym Hero Team