How about statistics, a timer and other sweet stuff!?

First of all: Happy New Year! We know 2013 is already one month old but we want to make sure you are not forgetting about your New Year's resolutions! That's why we are presenting this Gym Hero update today. It's probably the biggest update we have ever released so make sure to check it out!

So what are the new features?

Workout Graphs

One of the most requested features over the last months was a way to analyze the recorded workout data. The good news: you now can! We added a new tab to Gym Hero which gives you plenty of important infomations about your workouts. You can view

- the total number of workouts,

- total moved weight,

- total sets and reps

all summarized for the different muscle groups and over different time frames. You can also view the average and total workout time as well as the average sets and reps for you workouts.

The new statistics tab gives you a great possibility to study your workouts and see if you are traveling in the right direction.

Stretch and Rest Timer

With the new Gym Hero timer you never lose track of the time during a workout again. We designed it so it perfectly blends into the Gym Hero interface. You can activate it with only one down swipe of your thumb. Swipe back up and the timer hides as quick as it showed up.

To make sure you are always on time, even with shaky eyes during a super hard session, this timer is extra large. Big timer for big results!

And of yourse the timer is bullet proof! Close Gym Hero, turn off your phone, this timer runs and runs and runs.

Autofill for all the sets

This is a big one!

During a workout, Gym Hero now displays the weight and reps for every set of the last workout. The times are over when you had to switch screens and check out last workouts summary to see how much you were pushing. This makes things so much easier, we love this feature ;)

Gym Hero just got a lot faster again!

New Design

We know this won't make your muscles grow faster but spoiling your eyes a little can't hurt! We changed the overall look of Gym Hero to gain some eye candy points with this update ;) Also make sure to check out the new workout history. Every workout displays the date and week day as well as most o the exercises from your workout. This gives you a better overview of your fitness life!

We hope you like the new design as much as we do.

Last but not least we want to thank all our users for the great feedback and suggestions you have delivered over the last months. Next to the fun we had talking to you guys it was extremely helpful for our work. This update is truly a cooparationaly work between you and us ;)

Keep the good stuff coming...


11 responses
How do you get your workout groups to properly display in the graphs? I just completed my first workout (back), but when I go to statistics to review any stats my workout is listed under "none" as opposed to "back". Thanks for any insight!
Thanks for the info about that application, i'll surely check it out!
Wow, great time table for gym. This time table design is very good.
Wow that's great thanks for the informing. I'll surely have a look at it.
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Great stuff man. I liked it when you documented the timing. Best Regards. G מאמן כושר אישי בירושלים
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Interesting article, is this app available for download maybe? nuyu ksa
That’s really a decent pack of tools for keeping your fitness goals in check. The interface for analyzed workout data is simply superb. Thanks for making our gym trips quantifiable!
That’s really a decent pack of tools for keeping your fitness goals in check. The interface for analyzed workout data is simply superb. Thanks for making our gym trips quantifiable! -
That's awesome. . with this article i found how to manage timing. This is always helpful for keep timing. Thanks for your article and i also love your blog.