Did someone say Runkeeper?

Yes, you heard that right! We just couldn't wait to ship another Gym Hero update to the store today. Again, we have great news.

We are excited to announce that Gym Hero has full Runkeeper integration now. With us joining the HealthGraph you can now post and store your logged gym activities under your Runkeeper.com profile. Yippii!


For those of you who are not familiar with the Runkeeper services, here is a little overview. The Runkeeper app is by far the most know app for tracking cardio activities with your phone. No matter if you a marathon runner or doing your sunday morning walk around the lake. Track your route with this GPS supported app and get detailed statistics on your activities. By creating an account on Runkeeper.com you can also get in touch with other athletes, join races, see live tracking of other peoples activities and much much more.

The HealthGraph

In 2011 the Runkeeper team came up with an awesome plan by launching the HealthGraph. The basic idea is to bring all your fitness and health data together into one place. By now more than twenty different services and apps are providing data to make this happen. 

When we first heard about the HealthGraph, Gym Hero was still a wild agglomeration of sketches and thoughts. Nevertheless, joining the team was always on our roadmap. Therefor we are really proud that we've finally made it! 

We think Gym Hero is a perfect fit to the strength tracking group of Runkeeper and will give a lot of sport enthusiast an easy way to track their gym workouts.

Posting to Runkeeper - How does it work

Maybe you have already spotted the muscle grouping under the Gym Hero settings. In order to send your workouts to Runkeeper you will first have to assign a muscle group to your exercises. Next step is to link Gym Hero to your Runkeeper.com profile, you can do this under the online settings. All set, you are ready to go!

After a click on the cloud to the left of a workout you will see the Runkeeper icon. By clicking you will send the workout details right to your Runkeeper profile. After posting a little check mark will show up on the Runkeeper icon. This way you can make sure not to double send a workout. 

We'll be back for more soon

Hopefully you are as much excited about this new feature as we are :) Now go and post your workouts to let your street team know how much you were pushing!!!

Jannik & Jannis