Another Day Another Update

After a longer time without an update we proudly present a brand new version of Gym Hero. It's packed with cool new stuff so you should definitely grab a copy. You can download it now so go get it!!! 

So what's new?

Runkeeper integration

As requested from our users we worked hard to improve on how Gym Hero integrates with runkeeper. The first big change is the auto-post feature. When turned on, Gym Hero will post to your profile automatically. If you do any changes to a finished workouts it will also update the workout in your runkeeper profile. Let Gym Hero do the posting for you ;)

The runkeeper special exercises are also supported by Gym Hero now. When doing push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups in a workout it will show up in your fitness report on We also included the common spellings (and spelling errors ;) for every exercise so nothing can go wrong here.

Show us some love feature

So many people asked us why Gym Hero is free. To answer this question: We want everyone to be able to try Gym Hero before keep using it. Upcoming features might be available via in app purchase but the basic version will always be free. However, if you like Gym Hero and want to shoot us a buck or two for our work we deeply appreciate it! Click the heart in the settings tab and you'll find our 'love slider'. Slide it to the amount you want to donate. Make sure it's over on the right side ;)

Design, usability and performance upgrades 

We changed the Gym Heros look a little so you don't only spoil your muscles but have something for your eyes when working out! 

As requested the recent exercise and workout lists are sorted alphabetically now. This gives you quicker access to the workout/exercises your are looking for. Another cool thing is the hidden tab bar when being in workout mode. It slides away so you have more room for additional sets and other workout details.

With this update Gym Hero is also faster and smaller than before. The startup is quicker and here and there you should notice a better flow. 

New way to share your workouts

We got rid of the little cloud icon to reach the sharing features of Gym Hero. Somehow people just didn't realize that it was a button you could actually click. Sorry for this, we changed it! When you swipe your finger over a workout it now slides away and the sharing option will show up. Much nicer and hopefully easier to find ;)

Help system

Last but not least we made something for our new Gym Heros. Because we don't want anyone to get lost we integrated a new help system for our first time users. Look for hints, they will help to find the right things. We also have a new F.A.Q. section where we covered the most asked issues, check it out in the settings.

As you can see things are moving at the Gym Hero headquarter. Next update will hopefully be shipped to apple this weekend adding iPhone 5 support and some other little improvements.

Work hard - the Gym Hero team